An explanation of how the apology can be read as a political text

When I say that I am given to you by God, the proof of my mission is this: You have put this into the indictment because you had nothing real of which to accuse me.

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We cannot eliminate the possibility that some parts of the speech Plato wrote were not actually delivered at the trial or were expressed rather differently. And I said to myself, Go I must to all who appear to know, and find out the meaning of the oracle.

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In the Apology of Socrates, Plato cites no numbers of votes condemning or acquitting the philosopher of the accusations of moral corruption and impiety; [11] although Socrates did say he would have been acquitted if thirty more jurors had voted in his favour.

He explains that he has no experience with the law courts and that he will instead speak in the manner to which he is accustomed: That, as spokesman for the Oracle at Delphi, he is to spur the Athenians to greater awareness of ethics and moral conduct, and always shall question and argue, even if his accusers — Lycon, Anytus, and Meletus — withdraw their accusations against him.

I suppose that these things may be regarded as fated,--and I think that they are well. I will begin at the beginning, and ask what the accusation is which has given rise to this slander of me, and which has encouraged Meletus to proceed against me. In another world they do not put a man to death for asking questions: He says he will rely solely upon sound argument and truth to present his case at trial.

Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo

But, as any reader of the work can see, Plato is at the same time using the trial and death of Socrates to condemn Athensto call upon his readers to reject the conventional life that Athens would have preferred Socrates to lead, and to choose instead the life of a Socratic philosopher.

Yes, but I do care; then I do not leave him or let him go at once; but I proceed to interrogate and examine and cross-examine him, and if I think that he has no virtue in him, but only says that he has, I reproach him with undervaluing the greater, and overvaluing the less.

For his duty is, not to make a present of justice, but to give judgment; and he has sworn that he will judge according to the laws, and not according to his own good pleasure; and neither he nor we should get into the habit of perjuring ourselves - there can be no piety in that.

The enthusiastic Chaerephon probably in anticipation of the answer which he received had gone to Delphi and asked the oracle if there was any man wiser than Socrates; and the answer was, that there was no man wiser.

Twice in public matters he has risked his life for the sake of justice--once at the trial of the generals; and again in resistance to the tyrannical commands of the Thirty. The answer begins by clearing up a confusion. And that I am given to you by God is proved by this: He will not entreat the judges to spare his life; neither will he present a spectacle of weeping children, although he, too, is not made of 'rock or oak.

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And when you accuse me of corrupting and deteriorating the youth, do you allege that I corrupt them intentionally or unintentionally? Socrates says that his wisdom is in being aware that he is ignorant: But the oracle made no sign of opposition, either when I was leaving my house in the morning, or when I was on my way to the court, or while I was speaking, at anything which I was going to say; and yet I have often been stopped in the middle of a speech, but now in nothing I either said or did touching the matter in hand has the oracle opposed me.

Nay, if this be true, let me die again and again. O my judges - for you I may truly call judges - I should like to tell you of a wonderful circumstance. Well, Athenians, this and the like of this is nearly all the defence which I have to offer.

Some one may wonder why I go about in private giving advice and busying myself with the concerns of others, but do not venture to come forward in public and advise the state.

An Explanation of Apology Acceptance Based on Lay Peoples’ Insights

Socrates says that his wisdom is in being aware that he is ignorant: For I say that there will be more accusers of you than there are now; accusers whom hitherto I have restrained: Corrupter of youth Having addressed the social prejudices against him, Socrates addresses the first accusation — the moral corruption of Athenian youth — by accusing his accuser, Meletus, of being indifferent to the persons and things about which he professes to care.

Let the event be as God wills:The Apology of Plato is not the report of what Socrates said, but an elaborate composition, quite as much so in fact as one of the Dialogues. And we may perhaps even indulge in the fancy that the actual defence of Socrates was as much greater than the Platonic defence as the master was greater than the disciple.

An Explanation of Apology Acceptance Based on Lay Peoples’ Insights. is just one motive for apology acceptances in the political arena. Other motives for forgiveness are less dependent ” (p.

) participants who read a version in which Susan or Amanda accepted the apology rated her as more forgiving.”. A further explanation of the way in which these rumors were started can be seen in the account of the wisdom that Socrates is said to claim for himself.

The story came about in the following manner. A certain man called Chaerephon had inquired of the oracle of Delphi whether there. Interpreting information- verify that you can read information regarding who is on trial in Plato's Apology and interpret it correctly Additional Learning Refer to the lesson titled Plato's Apology: Summary & Concepts for more details on this work.

How to write Apology and Explanation Letters? I regret that there will be a delay of a further two weeks before we can deliver the complete suite, but in the circumstances we feel that the least we can do is to waive the Rs.

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/- delivery charges. Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Plato’s Apology of Socrates How you, men of Athens, have been affected by my accusers, I do 17a must be read: “Socrates does injustice 12 and is meddlesome, by investigating the things under the earth and the heavenly things, and by making the persuade the young—who can associate with whomever of their.

An explanation of how the apology can be read as a political text
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