Characteristic of dryden age

They know of none. They respected the classical rules a great deal. The growing interest in science resulted in Characteristic of dryden age beginning of rational inquiry and scientific and objective outlook.

John Dryden

Like Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Dr. Those rules of old discovered, not devised, Are nature still, but nature methodized. The second written when Dryden had become a Catholic, vehemently defends Catholicism.

Dryden was himself not of noble blood, and he was never awarded the honours that he had been promised by the King nor was he repaid the loans he had made to the Kingbut he did as much as any peer to serve Charles II. The Country Wife is prescribed in your study. The new epoch is the antithesis of the previous Elizabethan age.

They tended to individualize the experience of nature and shun a methodized approach. The result was that the old Elizabethan spirit with its patriotism, its love of adventure and romance, its creative vigor, and the Puritan spirit with its moral discipline and love of liberty, became things of the past.

In his hands the heroic couplet reaches its perfection. Decline of Comedy of Manners 3. He is not a rebel against his age.

John Dryden

Behn wrote the novel in two parts, with the second part showing a distinctly different style from the first. By means of it, following the new mode of living of the professional literary man, he could derive his support from a large public rather than from private patrons.

His subject matter was often factual, and he aimed at expressing his thoughts in the most precise and concentrated manner. In the succeeding period, however, writers reacted against both the imaginative flights and the ornate or startling styles and forms of the previous era.

Pope wholly accepts the ideas of eighteenth century poetry and works them out in his own poetry. He expressed grave suspicions of adjectivesnebulous terminology, and all language that might be subjective.

Learn hence for ancient rules a just esteem. Sex is treated with utmost frankness. Fox, and William Pennmade public vows of pacifism and preached a new theology of peace and love. They were more concerned with vices rather than with virtues.

One of the first attacks on Dryden's reputation was by Wordsworthwho complained that Dryden's descriptions of natural objects in his translations from Virgil were much inferior to the originals. And thus, thought England began to regain lost ground morally, she did not recover the high passion or the spiritual fervor of the Elizabethan age.

Restoration literature

This effect extended beyond his death, in some instances, and not as long as his life, in others. The French influence is responsible for the growth and popularity of opera.

John Bramhallfor example, had been a strongly high church theologianand yet, in exile, he debated willingly with Thomas Hobbes and came into the Restored church as tolerant in practice as he was severe in argument. His reputation lies in his being great as a satirist and reasoner in verse.

On 18 December he was attacked in Rose Alley near his home in Covent Garden by thugs hired by John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester[8] with whom he had a long-standing conflict. The people of England were suffering from tension due to strict rule of Cromwell.John Dryden, John Bunyan, Hobbes, Locke, Temple etc.

Definition and Characteristics of Neoclassical Poetry

were eminent prose writers of this age. Congreve, Etherege and Whycherly were the eminent writers of comedy of manners.

THE RESTORATION PERIOD AND THE 18TH CENTURY-Age of Dryden,Age of Pope,Age of Johnson referat

Congreve, Etherege and Whycherly were the eminent writers of comedy of manners. The Age of Restoration The Intellectual Background The Chief Characteristics of The Restoration John Dryden () 1.

Formal Perfection.

THE RESTORATION PERIOD AND THE 18TH CENTURY-Age of Dryden,Age of Pope,Age of Johnson referat

Dryden is a Chronicler; his works are records of the political events of his they are written for the nation rather than the self. Although Dryden's reputation is greater today, contemporaries saw the s and s as the age of courtier poets in general, and Edmund Waller was as praised as any.

Dryden, Rochester, Buckingham, and Dorset dominated verse, and all were attached to the court of Charles. THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes Volume VIII: English THE AGE OF DRYDEN Edited by A.

W. Ward & A. R. Waller. John Dryden's mock epic poem Mac Flecknoe is a great example of Restoration satire. Political themes are a big part of John Dryden's writing. His poem "To His Sacred Majesty: A Panegyrick on His Coronation" deals with the restoration of Charles II to the throne.

Aug 16,  · Definition and Characteristics of Neoclassical Poetry. Updated on October 4, Muhammad Rafiq. which laid immense emphasis on revival of the classical spirit during the period between and in the age of Pope and Dryden.

It is a prototype of Classicism. A very interesting overview of the stages and characteristic Reviews:

Characteristic of dryden age
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