Umbrella branding of amul

Amul was not just a milk and butter brand, it became an umbrella for all the products that GCMMF marketed. But at the same time, if there is one quality flaw in Amul, e. Brands play a huge role in our lives. Benefits[ edit ] Umbrella branding has become a popular marketing practice utilised by companies due to its various potential benefits.

Suppose a company has launched 10 new products under different brand names, it will be very difficult for consumers to remember each and every individual product name.

Case Study – Brand Amul The Taste of India

A company that is focusing on one product, may sometimes neglect other. And yet, marketers have lacked the tools needed to get this balance right.

It enables companies to have independent strategies for various brands, and at the same time they could also leverage on the equity of the master brand when required. For example, every Friday, without fail, between To implement their vision while retaining their focus on farmers, a hierarchical network of cooperatives was developed, which today forms the robust supply chain behind GCMMF's endeavors.

But one of the challenges for Amul would be life after Kurien, whose iconic presence dominated the company long after his retirement.

Understanding the Meaning of Umbrella Branding with Examples

Advertising and promotional activities can be all combined, with only parent brand being advertised while all the products in the line — up are advertised automatically.

For example, Sabar Union's records show a reduction from 2.

Umbrella brand

These brands shape category dynamics, including consumer preferences, pricing, and the pace and direction of innovation. While the late Eustace Fernandes sketched the mascot, it was ad and theatre veteran Bharat Dabholkar who created some of the more popular ads.

Let us suppose that a firm has an umbrella brand which sells clothes washing powder, washing soaps, washing conditioners. But, if it is a large organization plus a large market to serve, then experts advise that the products be given a different name and look.

Developing demand At the time Amul was formed, consumers had limited purchasing power, and modest consumption levels of milk and other dairy products. What do we need to do to execute the strategy?

The supply chain spanning four distribution channels and pricing with attractive margins have ensured the federation can venture into new product categories and stay on top of competition. By then, Amul had become a brandname in its own right. All products carrying the parent brand must be of the same high quality standards.

In the article by Howard Pong Yuen LAM and other co-authors, they report the successful case of using two brand names--dual branding strategy--by practitioners in China for the Minute Maid Orange Pulp juice drink launch.

The ascension to being the chief of GCMMF has been a bone of contention with access to a huge vote bank of 3.

Amul: Amazing story of India's most successful brand

All the products will be recognized with that same brand name, creating a distinct brand identity becomes hard. Such marketing practice may create advertising efficiencies through the reduced costs of brand development.

Starbucks Coffee Various types of coffees full list here. If their washing soap earns good reviews, people are more likely to try other products from that firm under the same umbrella brand.

If a company acquires a brand from another company, a marketer may position the acquired brand as a sub-brand under the parent brand if the marketer has defined the business scope of the parent brand broadly enough and with a suggestive parent brand name.

Umbrella brand The network follows an umbrella branding strategy. They could also be associated with the parent brand depending on the situation.

Amul: Amazing story of India's most successful brand

Let us suppose that a firm has an umbrella brand which sells clothes washing powder, washing soaps, washing conditioners. Vision gives everyone on the brand a clear direction, it should be measurable quantitative and motivating qualitative.Umbrella brand.

The network follows an umbrella branding strategy. Amul is the common brand for most product categories produced by various unions: liquid milk, milk powders, butter, ghee, cheese.

ORIGIN: The Amul girl was created as a response to Amul's rival brand Polson's butter-girl. The idea was conceived in once ASP (Advertising, Sales and Promotion) clinched the brand portfolio from the previous agency FCB Ulka.

Amul was not just a milk and butter brand, it became an umbrella for all the products that GCMMF marketed. The (original) Amul Girl was created by Sylvester daCunha (daCunha Communications) to. y UMBRELLA BRANDING Amul¶s advertising strategy has followed the concept of µUmbrella Branding.¶ Amul is the common brand name for most of its products across categories.

Umbrella Branding of Amul Essay Sample

For instance, the Amul girl has also been used to advertise Amul ghee and milk.5/5(1). Whereas Umbrella Branding is a technique where new products are launched under the same family or the umbrella name. Here, none of the products are disintegrated to form another umbrella and every product being introduced in introduced under the parent umbrella.

From Utterly butterly delicious Amul to The Taste of India, Amul continues to be the toast of the country. Filed in: Case Studies Tags: Brand, Brand Story, Brand was born, Case Study, Status, Strategies followed by brands.

Umbrella branding of amul
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